about us

The purpose of the association is the integration of newly arrived people, refugees fleeing from war at home, into the Peine Country!

Integration is a mutual, dynamic, multifaceted and ongoing process. From a refugee perspective, integration requires a preparedness to adapt to the lifestyle of the host society without having to lose one’s own cultural identity. From the point of view of the host society, it requires a willingness for communities to be welcoming and responsive to refugees and for public institutions to meet the needs of a diverse population.

This implementation this purpose should go through projects. It could be "big" (long-term) or even "small" (short-term or single-day) projects!

As a member anyone can pull off such a project. The Board is not a guardian here, it is rather in charge of coordination, funding, logistics and Legal matters!

There are already many associations and initiatives to support the refugees in the Peine Country. We do not want to reinvent the wheel and be better, on the contrary, we would like to get in touch, coordinate projects and activities, pool resources, develop synergies and make the best use of it all!

Participate! We look forward to welcome new members and volunteers, new ideas and creative projects. Of course, supporting members, patrons and sponsors are welcome as well!

The regular annual fee is only 12.00 € for active members, and at least 100.00 € for supporting members.


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